Walk Through System with Soles/Boot Cleaning and Hand Sanitizer - TAC 250 TUD Print page

  • TAC 250 TUD
  • Sanitation Lines/Hygienic Passing Through Systems
  • Food Industry Hygienic Equipments
  • 304 quality stainless steel

TAC 250 TUD Walk Through System with  Soles/Boot Cleaning and Hand Sanitizer

The body and arms are produced by 304 quality stainless steel. Consists dual hand sanitizer, 2 detecting automatic  eyes, 5 brushes for soles and boot cleaning, automatic flushing system for mix of water and disinfectant. It has isolated electrical panel. It has barrier to prevent exiting. It is used for entering to food processing plant. . It has access control for both  enter and exit. It is not necessary to mount because of adjustable feet.

Dimensions : Length : 2100 mm Width : 1000 mm Height : 1600 mm

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