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This electronic hand-washing unit consists of one single tank unit in 15/10mm-thick AISI 316 stainless steel.

The unit is also equiped with an upper panelling without sharp corners and edges: such even surface avoids spreading of bacteria in any of its parts. 
For the same reason the drain has been obtained directly in the base of the tank. The outer edge has rounded angles and is overflow-proof. The inside of the front part has an inclination of 30° to prevent water from spraying outside.

The unit can be moved forward and backward in order to allow easy access to the component parts for inspections or servicing.

The hydraulic parts are in solid brass while all parts in contact with water are perfectly smooth to prevent any spreading of bacteria.

The quantity of soap is adjustable and is delivered through a self-priming pump.
The circuits are powered by an 18 Vac transformer approved by IMQ.

The hand-washing units can also be customized up to a maximum length of 2500mm with different combinations of taps, soap dispensers and thermostatic mixers.

Dimensions:  1200 x 550 x 1100 mm 

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